Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump and Clinton

October 11, 2016
Hillary Clinton coattails 121K
Donald Trump coattails 139k
Hillary Clinton house 157M NOTE: invalid results too many links refer to houses/white house
Donald Trump house 188M
Hillary Clinton women 127M
Donald Trump women 160M
Hillary Clinton hate 57.2M
Donald Trump hate 68.2M

Just for fun on April 18, 2016, using Firefox, I Googled:
Donald Trump: 333M results.
Hillary Clinton: 156M results.
May 9, 2016:
Donald Trump: 367M results.
Hillary Clinton: 162M results.
May 25, 2016
Donald Trump: 362M results.
Hillary Clinton: 168M results.
June 7, 2016
Donald Trump 263M results
Hillary Clinton 183M results
June 11, 2016 using Bing after reading about SEME
Donald Trump 24M results
Hillary Clinton 11.2M results
August 12, 2016
Donald Trump 440M results
Hillary Clinton 252M results
September 23, 2016
Donald Trump 354M
Hillary Clinton 262M
** After the Trump "abusive women" reports **
Oct 8, 2016
Donald Trump 432M
Hillary Clinton 266M

April 18, 2016
Is Donald Trump Electable 431k results
Is Hillary Clinton Electable 246k results
May 9, 2016:
Is Donald Trump Electable 432k results
s Hillary Clinton Electable 265k results
Sep 23, 2016
Is Donald Trump Electable 267k results
Is Hillary Clinton Electable 189k results

April 18, 2016
Donald Trump Win 147M results
Hillary Clinton Win 103M results
May 9, 2016:
Donald Trump Win 144M results, (how can it go down?)
Hillary Clinton Win 95.8M, (ditto)
June 7, 2016
Donald Trump Win 81.5M
Hillary Clinton Win 66.6M
September 23, 2016
Donald Trump Win 116M
Hillary Clinton Win 99.7M
October 11, 2016
Donald Trump Win 136M
Hillary Clinton Win 106M

April 18, 2016
Donald Trump: 7.66M followers.
Hillary Clinton: 5.97M followers.
May 9, 2016:
Donald Trump: 8.04M followers.
Hillary Clinton: 6.18M followers.
June 7, 2016
Donald Trump: 8.72M
Hillary Clinton: 6.59M
April 18, 2016

August 17, 2016
Crooked Hillary 12.5M
October 11, 2016
Crooked Hillary 15.7M

Campaign funding total raised:
Donald Trump:    36.5M
Hillary Clinton: 224.5M
May 9, 2016
Donald Trump:    50.6M
Hillary Clinton: 256.2M
June 7, 2016
Donald Trump: 59.9M 4% Super PAC
Hillary Clinton: 288.9M 29% Super PAC

September 23, 2016
Shitpost Trump 890k
Shitpost Clinton 514k
The post that caused this search:
“Shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real”.

May 9, 2016
NOTE: I am not political. But if the Donald Trump funding escalates massively and Hillary Clinton's other numbers do not...
NOTE: the source of the funding may matter as well, Donald Trump is 4% from Super PACs and other groups, Hillary Clinton is 30% Super PACs and other groups
NOTE: The Democratic National Convention is likely to be an event to draw the party together, Hillary is being careful with Bernie Saunders supporters, the Republican National Convention is more of a showdown. Let's test a new long tail search.
NOTE: I do not think this election will be decided by TV ads. 2016 could be the year of email and social media. Hmm, let's test a new long tail search.

May 9, 2016
Donald Trump Campaign Funding 39.8M results
Hillary Clinton Campaign Funding 12.3M results

May 9, 2016
Republican National Convention 4.14M results
Democratic National Convention 9.46M results
June 7, 2016
Republican National Convention 2.9M results
Democratic National Convention 9.84M results

June 10, 2016
trump republican party racism 2.03M results
clinton democratic party racism 2.09M results
NOTE: my search is flawed. The results that come up are radically different. With the trump search there is a growing number of stories that he is racist. With the clinton search there is a growing number of stories that trump is racist. Stopping this search. Let's try.

June 10, 2016
trump racist 65.7M
clinton racist 60.1M
NOTE: this is still a flawed search, apples to oranges in the results. This could be a major perceptor, need to find the right measurement.

Google Trends May 9, 2016 (Past 12 months)

The parking lot, (developing ideas)

Found on slashdot, "And then there are the politicians (and their superpacs). They use our service to figure out exactly what people's hot button issues are so their campaign and best push those buttons to make them vote for their candidate. [] Or if there is little chance of getting them to vote for their guy, they do their best to make the voter disgusted with "the other guy" so that they just stay home and don't vote at all. All the big ticket campaigns - presidential and congress do this now and some of the in-state races for important districts are doing it too because it is getting cheaper and cheaper every day."

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