Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I had always wondered what the reason for these was. Dan, who did the reverse image lookup, thinks it is OPSEC. They will connect and then ask for information.

Credit “Dan Waddell, (ISC)²”.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Coining the term perceptor

When we talk about information warfare and perception management we see there is an intentional act of trying to influence someone. Robert Cialdini called this act "weapons of influence".

I am not a big fan of inventing new words, but we do need a word to call out the act of attempting to sway or influence someone’s thinking. I suggest "perceptor", (with apologies to the Transformers).

Usage as a verb.
Well, they really percepted him.
I am in the process of percepting her. I figure keep the process going for a month or so and see if it worked.

Usage as a deverbal noun denoting a specific action.
Yesterday, I came across a powerful perceptor. [singular]
That's going to require a comprehensive perceptor campaign.[presumed plural]

Usage as a deverbal noun denoting a result (e,g,, dent)
It is hard to say how percepted the Clinton campaign is, but as of 8/17/2026, the perceptor, "Crooked Hillary", shows 12.5M hits on Google.

Taking the sting out of SPAM

I unsubcribed anyway, but I thought: "You are receiving this email because you are awesome." was brilliant. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

5G is just a marketing term and it is years away from reality

According to Backchannel: "5G" is a marketing term. There is no 5G standard -- yet. The International Telecommunications Union plans to have standards ready by 2020. So for the moment "5G" refers to a handful of different kinds of technologies that are predicted, but not guaranteed, to emerge at some point in the next 3 to 7 years. (3GPP, a carrier consortium that will be contributing to the ITU process, said last year that until an actual standard exists, '"5G' will remain a marketing & industry term that companies will use as they see fit." At least they're candid.) At the moment, advertising something as "5G" carries no greater significance than saying it's "blazing fast" or "next generation" -- nut because "5G" sounds technical, it's good for sales. We are a long way away from actual deployment. [...] Second, this "wireless fiber" will never happen unless we have... more fiber. Real fiber, in the form of fiber optic cables reaching businesses and homes. (This is the "last mile" problem; fiber already runs between cities.) It's just plain physics. In order to work, 99% of any "5G" wireless deployment will have to be fiber running very close to every home and business. The high-frequency spectrum the carriers are planning to use wobbles billions of times a second but travels incredibly short distances and gets interfered with easily. So it's great at carrying loads of information -- every wobble can be imprinted with data -- but can't go very far at all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

United Games

Most security people rank United Games somewhere between digital Multi Level Marketing and a Ponzi scheme. Doesn't look like you could lose too much money. The security implications of tying a Ponzi scheme to a phone app that could potentially access location and other information are kind of interesting.

Oh, and most of the domains on page one and two of Google seem to be fabricated "reviews" of United Games that turn into sales pitches. Really good SEO.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

American Red Cross Cool - Not Cool Pool Poster

Note the majority of the not cool tags are focused darker skinned people. Whoops for the Red Cross.

FBI Spy Planes

I understand, agree, and am even thankful for the fact that the FBI needs/uses aerial surveillance.

But why does the FBI and DEA register the planes to fake companies?




And possibly fake people?
"Included on most aircraft registrations is a mysterious name, Robert Lindley. He is listed as chief executive and has at least three distinct signatures among the companies. Two documents include a signature for Robert Taylor, which is strikingly similar to one of Lindley's three handwriting patterns."

This AP link has a list of the fake companies:
OTV Leasing
OBR Leasing
PXW Services
KQM Aviation
LCB Leasing
NBR Aviation
FVX Research
RKT Productions
NBY Productions
PSL Surveys
NG Research