Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Coining the term perceptor

When we talk about information warfare and perception management we see there is an intentional act of trying to influence someone. Robert Cialdini called this act "weapons of influence".

I am not a big fan of inventing new words, but we do need a word to call out the act of attempting to sway or influence someone’s thinking. I suggest "perceptor", (with apologies to the Transformers).

Usage as a verb.
Well, they really percepted him.
I am in the process of percepting her. I figure keep the process going for a month or so and see if it worked.

Usage as a deverbal noun denoting a specific action.
Yesterday, I came across a powerful perceptor. [singular]
That's going to require a comprehensive perceptor campaign.[presumed plural]

Usage as a deverbal noun denoting a result (e,g,, dent)
It is hard to say how percepted the Clinton campaign is, but as of 8/17/2026, the perceptor, "Crooked Hillary", shows 12.5M hits on Google.

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