Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Poor Donna Fey - Sgt. Hayes daughter was raped

I do not unfollow people on Linkedin that often, so it is hard to remember how.

This is a perception management blog and Linkedin is a professional site. I do not unfollow enough that it is easy, but I must. This is what Donna Fey posted.

Before we consult Snopes, what do you think?

While the image was wildly popular on Facebook, not one version of it included any information substantiating its claims. We were unable to locate any news stories or public records matching the details of the rumor, nor any recent records of a retired U.S. Army sergeant named Gregory Hayes. A reverse image search didn't turn up any results for the photograph of the purported Sgt. Hayes, either.

So, with almost no effort we determine the stimulus is false. The rich question is what is/did the author of the fraud intend to accomplish? Must we run out and hate the 2,456 Syrian refuges in the country because two FAKE brothers were implicated in a FAKE and non-existant rape of a non-existant person. But it got traction on Facebook so it must be true. This is clearly in the realm of information warfare. 


  1. Funny enough, a reverse image search just brought up this post! :D

  2. lol I knew I wouldn't be the only one to search the image ... what is surprising is with the vastness that is google, so far no real person found?