Sunday, May 21, 2017

Electoral college and the shift in online news

Ever try to bring up a news story from some sort of index service only to be greeted by a popup saying:
- You have exceeded your five free articles or
- You have four articles remaining

I do not blame the news services. Print media newspapers and magazines are failing fast. They are trying to move online to survive. However, most citizens cannot afford to join five or ten news services. The result of course is a limitation is choice of news feeds.

Forbes has an article on the largest news services, so does Business Insider. A fairly small number of companies control the majority of the news outlets, print, TV/radio, or online.

When our forefathers created the electoral college, one of the drivers was that the average citizen might not be informed. We think that with the Internet that is ancient history, but day by day the past is becoming the future.

Add to this the possibility an anti-democratic country, say like Russia, is intentionally mucking around with social media as Time suggest and you have a significant problem.

The good news is that the Washington Post and the New York Times are engaged in a full on Newspaper war. Both sides are involved in investigative journalism and scooping each other and democracy in the USA is the winner in this case. BTW honorable mention goes out to the fine folks at CNN and thank you for running this story about the competition.

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