Monday, April 25, 2016

How does Linkedin actually work?

I was researching a lady who is using social media very effectively, Candice Galek. She wrote a viral post titled Is This Appropriate For Linkedin? The story got picked up by a Forbes blog:

"When Candice’s posts on LinkedIn started to go viral, the social network’s content algorithm kicked in, proactively deleting her post and profile picture without her notice. Rather than reach out in righteous indignation, however, Candice chose to engage intelligently with the team at LinkedIn.

After speaking to high-level employees of the company on a near-daily basis, Candice managed to get all of her posts and pictures put back in place. In fact, she is now has her own follow button, and her posts now generate almost as much engagement as well-known business leaders like Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates."

What is this content algorithm? I tried looking it up on Google and found this post, which says:

"I conducted a study which analyzed 561 Top Posts featured in 48 Pulse channels with a single goal in mind: I wanted to know why the algorithm chose certain posts and ignored others."

Channels? What are channels? I guess that would be topic areas.

I would assume if I am in a channel, or if I can get in a channel, it would be technology, but most of my posts are tagged, the interface suggests you do that and I usually use cyber-security because that is what I do. So I did a search for cyber-security and at the bottom of page one of results was my friend Jim Voorhees and it listed two of his posts.

So I clicked on one of them and one of its tags is cyber-security. Now you may be wondering about the hyphen, typically people write cybersecurity as one word. But Linkedin forces the hyphen, you can't just make up any tag, they have a pool of them. When I did a search on cybersecurity I got vastly different results. So I went to my profile and changed my industry to Computer & Network Security. It will be interesting to see if that impacts my articles getting picked up.

Back to Candice Galek, what is her industry? Retail and that is not a channel either. Sigh, this is going to take some time.

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