Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Linkedin, Forbes and Revcontent

In this blog post, Linkedin is going to show me an article that is "trending". I think it is relevant to my industry, (it is not). I get ads on the page and more at the bottom that are tuned to my location. Here is the blow by blow.

I saw an interesting tag line on LinkedIn that got my attention and it lead to a Forbes Blog. Note it says trending in the Computer and Network Security Industry, (I changed my industry from academic to Computer and Network Security recently. Therefore I thought the article would be about a job in cybersecurity.

It turns out the article does not have anything to do with cybersecurity. Nice trick the "Dear Liz" question followed by Liz's answer.

At the bottom of the blog post this graphic was displayed, (I am using TOR so my location is unknown, note "local area", "Australia", and I guess that is German):

I came back to the same article using Safari. At the bottom of the blog post was this graphic (I am in Kapaa HI), note Hawaii, (HI), is used twice and Kapaa once:

I clicked on the link, in a different browser. Notice it is not an article it is labeled at the top as an advertisement, but it looks like an article. Also, note the ad tag line on Forbes is different than the header of the article.

What happens if I try clicking on the Linkedin article with a safe browser, (Authentic8 Silo)? I can't get to the content.

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